Football Picks

For this week’s Mandependence Football Picks, we have two very interesting situations. On one hand, the college season is winding down and we are closing in on the conference title games. On the other hand, the NFL is now in full swing. The great teams we know are great and the playoff hunt plot is now thickening. Read more »

Oktoberfest Tampa 2012 Pics

Here is the photographic evidence of the Oktoberfest Tampa 2012 Podcast.  Mandependence.com headlined at Oktoberfest Tampa 2012

oktoberfest round 2

Big Al & Taters way out of their league with 2 hot German chicks!

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The DOM World Series of Poker Final Table

I am a huge fan of Vegas and after a 3 hour binger of the World Series of Poker, DOM is assembling our Final Table. This is a table that will dominate any of your home poker games, the guys from work, and even the table you might join at Party Casino. Read more »

Football Picks for the Week

So I wanted to get our DOM Football Picks out before the 3:30 games… Coming off a 2-1 domination last week, this week I am going with the “Ever Bold” picks. College has a few interesting games and NFL has one major matchup. The picks: Read more »

LIVE Podcast: Oktoberfest Tampa 2012 on Deck!

Big Al and Taters are headlining Oktoberfest Tampa 2012 this Sunday from 1-3 pm. The Sultans of Suds (gold medal brewers) will be special guests on the show and we will be covering all of the German drinking events taking place (Big Al will most likely be participating.) If you were at our first Oktoberfest podcast, you know how crazy it got. So if you’re in Tampa, come by and slam a stein of sweet German nectar and party with the DOM Army! Directions.

Tampa Oktoberfest Read more »

Knights of the Man Table

Nothing personifies a league of extraordinary manliness like the Knights of the Round Table. Coming soon DOM is going to announce our modern day Knights of the Man Table. Read more »

The Official Mandependence Shirt!

Make a statement. Wear this shirt. 

Mandependence LLPM t shirts

Our First Manly Action Figure: Corporate America Man

Every red-blooded guy, growing up, had action figures. The action figure was a defining moment in the timeline of a young man’s manly upbringing. But what action figures do those same guys have now? They got nothing, at least nothing they would want to be seen with, so…  Read more »

Best Kind of French Fries? You decide.

Fries may be the best way to crush a potato. With the legend of freedom fries rooted in the American history and diet, what is the most manly cut? Today we discuss The Best Kind of French Fries. We make our case. Agree or disagree? Read more »

Join us! Opening Day of Oktoberfest Saturday 9/22!

Guten tag! The first official day of Oktoberfest, 2012 is this coming Saturday in Munich, Germany! That same day – on this side of the Atlantic –  Mandependence.com is kicking off Oktoberfest in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Read more »

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