Manly Advice

Manly Skills: Man Up

There comes a time in every man’s life that he comes to the sober realization that there are things that he must do that he does not want to do. The practice of “manning up”, or it’s cousin “sacking up”, are quickly receding from the shores of the modern man.

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Manly TV Shows: When Men Were Men

Remember a time not long ago when men were proud to see their television characters’ exploits? When the men on TV shows didn’t play some bumbling, fumbling, hack whose entire existence is a Lemony Snicket’s series of unfortunate events that he haphazardly travels through with the assistance of his brilliant wife. Yawn… Read more »

The Simple Man: Boxers Straight from the Dryer

Men enjoy the simple pleasures of life. An ice cold draft beer, perfectly cooked medium rare steak, and the crunch of a huge NFL hit are just a few things that help make the weeks a little more manageable and the days a little easier. There is one more little piece of greatness that must be added the list. Straight from the dryer underwear. This phenomena has now been officially added to the start of every great day. Read more »

Manly Skills: Safety Razor Shave

At first, I thought this whole old school shaving thing was some new fad that would fade away like jeans shorts and tank tops. We have a huge BarRoom Debate coming up that tests the way you shave. Because of this, I decided to go out and purchase Merkur 1904 Safety Razors. Last night was the first time I have ever used a safety razor, and I am sold! Like old American Muscle these razors are like the Dodge Charger of the shaving world. It is the best shave I have ever had and I have some advice if you want to try it out: Read more »

Manly Skill: Telling a Believable Lie

Let’s be honest (pun); every guy lies at some point. It is a must in every relationship to have the ability to bend the truth or to not be completely honest. I know what you’re about to say, “Well, in my relationship and all of my friendships, I am always honest.” That proves my point… you just said: A LIE. Lying is a power that gives you the ability to raise spirits of friends and family, to create a more interesting story, and most importantly, keep you out of trouble. But how do you tell a lie effectively? In today’s inaugural installment of Manly Skills, I am going to teach you the basics of how to tell a good lie. Trust me, I’m a moose.

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Manly Christmas Gifts 2011

This week it is now my turn to submit my Manly Christmas List. As the only one who actually works around the DOM office, I have submitted gift ideas for the working professional. The men who get stuff done. These are perfect gifts for the young professional. For starters, the Bev-Burry. Imagine, you’re in a meeting with some guy from Compliance or HR just rambling about some new policy that is just going to make your job ridiculously more difficult. Need a shot? The Bev-Burry has got you covered. If you were to buy the whole list, you would have a bacon breath-smelling, cigar-puffing, putting-drunk-on-the-can-at-work, revolutionary George Washington. In other words, MANLY. See the full list below:

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Manly Qualities: Accountability

Excuses, Excuses – I’d Rather Not Hear Anything

Earlier this week, I had an argument with an acquaintance of mine who neglected to settle a six-month-long financial debt. After exchanging countless texts like a couple of teenagers, she admitted she was wrong and would finally cough up the dough (here’s hoping). This was, of course, after hearing every available excuse in the book. Read more »

Holiday Survival Guide: From Henry the Moose of Manliness

For many, Christmas is a time when the family gets together and celebrates each other’s company. That’s the politically correct answer. For many, Christmas is a time of high levels of stress where a man is cast into a situation where we need to be an all star electrician, lumberjack, and gift selection connoisseur. That is why I have decided to give you some insight into a holiday survival guide to make this holiday the best it can be.

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Dear Henry, My GF Sucks at Dancing

Dear Henry,

I went to the club this weekend with my new girlfriend and my friends. My girlfriend is the worst dancer in the world, and I have gotten ripped on all week by my buds. How do I tell her gently her dancing sucks without getting kicked in the genitals? Read more »

Manly Advice: Do I Have a Video Game Addiction?

Dear Henry,

I have spent just spent 36 consecutive hours playing Batman: Arkham City and NHL ’12. Do I have a video game addiction problem? Read more »

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