BarRoom Debates

Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time

The rock power trio is like the filet mignon of the music world. Sure, it might be smaller than say, a porter house, but it brings twice the flavor. Who is the greatest power trio of all time? This weekend we are giving you a chance to have your voice heard. Read more »

The Best of the Three Stooges: The RESULTS!

It all comes down to this – after a full weekend of voting, we have your results for the Best Stooge. Today we are going to tell you why Curly is the best of the Three Stooges. Read more »

Who is the Best of the Three Stooges?

Taking us into the weekend, we are going to reach back in time to a simpler place. Where men were able to show their disdain through the rigors of physical abuse while they haphazardly destroyed every job they have ever had. In today’s BarRoom Debate we are going to decide who is the Best of the Three Stooges? To help decide that, over the weekend, we are going to ask you to vote on the four major Stooge characters. Read more »

Dunkin Donuts vs Krispy Kreme

Who has better doughnuts?  Read more »

Chuck Liddell vs. Adolescent Silverback Gorilla

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BarRoom Debates: Is Lord of the Rings Manly?

This has been a question that has been burning up my conscience for the last 6 months. Big Al and I couldn’t disagree more. Is Lord of the Rings considered a manly movie? Read more »

BarRoom Debates: Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart – Vote Now!

The contest of dominance for fake satirical / fake news anchor is not one to take lightly. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are masters of  humor. We are going to answer once for all who is more manly: Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart? Read more »

BarRoom Debates: Alien vs. Predator

This has been an ongoing debate ever since I saw the movie Aliens vs. Predator. Who would actually win in a fight? Now, I understand it took Arnold to take down a Predator, but as I am an expert in killing Aliens, rest assured I am not going to let my preconceived bias get in the way of this debate. Let’s examine each of their strengths logically, based on known factual evidence of course, shall we? Read more »

BarRoom Debate: Angus Young vs. Slash

Delivering an insurmountable power, memorable sounds, and legendary personalities, the lead guitarist of a band can be the most important element of a great band. Two guitar players that have risen above the monotony of mediocrity and less memorable guitar playing, to the realm of greatness, are Angus Young and Slash. Read more »

BarRoom Debates: Better AC/DC Frontman – Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

So I was thinking about this on the way to work… I was rocking a little AC/DC for my mid week jam session and it just hit me. Who is a better AC/DC front man,  Bon Scott or Brian Johnson? It is a legit tough question. To say they both have a laundry list of hit songs would be an understatement. But truly if you were going to start an AC/DC cover band who would you want doing the leads? Read more »

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