BarRoom Debates

Sasquatch vs. Abominable Snowman

It is a clash of the mythical titans of folklore. A proverbial battle royal of Ali vs. Frasier proportions. Today we are going to decide once and for all who would win in a fight: Sasquatch vs. Abominable Snowman. Read more »

What’s Worse: Alien Invasion or Zombie Outbreak?

Recently, there has been a visible uptick in post-apocalyptic Earth on TV and the silver screen. This got me thinking. What would be worse: An Alien Invasion or a Zombie Outbreak? Read more »

Worst Commercial: Just For Men vs. 5 Hour Energy?

“Your stache is trash” and, “You know when that 2:30 feeling hits,” are two of the iconic lines from two distinct companies that have a lion’s share of awful. Today we are going to ask you, DOM Nation, which commercial is worse: “Just For Men” vs. “5 Hour Energy”? Read more »

Mustard vs. Ketchup

It is time to make a stand. I have debated long enough, and it is time that we all agree that mustard is better than ketchup. I know there are a lot of those, “well I like both” people at there, but this is not a time for middle ground. This is not a place for you to be moderate. Read more »

NHL vs. NBA Playoffs

I never thought I would have to write this post, but after a brief discussion and debate I feel like we need to bring this to light. I had a debate today on which playoffs are better: the NHL vs. NBA. I am a big fan of both, but let’s be honest. If you have watched 30 seconds of this year’s NHL playoffs, you know there is no comparison. Read more »

Are Boneless Buffalo Wings Really Wings?

During our normal weekend trip to Hooters, another great debate amongst men rose up from the ashes. Are boneless buffalo wings really wings? I am a self proclaimed wing connoisseur. Wings represent basically 25% of my normal diet for God’s sake. Read more »

Best Movie Cop Duo of All Time

I have just finished a Lethal Weapon marathon and it is official – Riggs and Murtaugh are the best movie cop duo of all time. I know some may think maybe Tango and Cash (I will take an obscure Stallone comment for a 1,000) but think about it… Read more »

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

The fans of Star Wars and Star Trek have been battling for years on the greatness of the two franchises. On one hand you have an iconic, cross-generational movie series, and on the other hand a storied history of success at the box office and TV. But which franchise is better? Star Wars vs. Star Trek Read more »

James Bond: Action Hero or Suave Spy?

Article by guest writer Dr. Young Gun

With the new release of Skyfall, the 23rd official James Bond movie, due in November of this year, I started thinking of what I hoped it would be. Is James Bond an action hero or suave spy…?

Read more »

Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time: The RESULTS!

The votes have been counted, the debates have ended, and the results are in. Who is the Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time? In short, there is only one band that can wear this badge of honor. In this case the DOM Army, the Founding Fathers, and music critics are all in agreement. Rush is the greatest rock power trio of all time. Read more »

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