Are Boneless Buffalo Wings Really Wings?

During our normal weekend trip to Hooters, another great debate amongst men rose up from the ashes. Are boneless buffalo wings really wings? I am a self proclaimed wing connoisseur. Wings represent basically 25% of my normal diet for God’s sake.I think before we examine this issue we need a history lesson.

Like any legend, the origins of Buffalo wings are shrouded in mystery. There are currently 4 competing stories, with the most popular around a bar in Buffalo called the Anchor Bar and the Lenz family as the creators. Regardless of which story you believe, the wing and hot sauce is a staple of every man’s diet.


Now, on to the debate. I do NOT believe that boneless buffalo wings are, or should be considered to be, wings. The boneless buffalo wings are delicious, but they should be in the chicken nugget category. Think about it. It has the same shape and basic texture of a chicken nugget, and your eating strategy is not even remotely similar to how you handle traditional wings. I honestly believe they are adult chicken nuggets.

Do you dare to disagree? If you’re feeling like you can somehow defeat this flawless logic (many have tried, all have failed to this point), then comment below and let your voice be heard. Until someone from the United Front Against Boneless Wing Discrimination can come up with something, I am chalking this one up as “DECIDED”.


2 Responses to “Are Boneless Buffalo Wings Really Wings?”

  • Bill Taylor: May 20, 2012 at 10:37 am


    It’s a valid point but going to be hard to go against popular belief. How they’re categorized on menus and by waitresses across the country make em seem like wings, but in all reality they are just an adult chicken nugget. Here’s my question, what kind of “man” sits down at hooters with his bros for a football game, orders some bud heavy and then tells the waitress he wants some boneless chicken wings? Although delicious, those little pussy nuggets should not even be in the conversation and I will judge anyone that orders them. #Mandependence

    • Big Al: June 27, 2012 at 8:26 pm

      Bill… I simply applaud you Sir. Henry the Moose of Manliness could not have said it better himself. In fact, I’m sure if you and he ate at the same Hooters… he would judge right along with you. A DOM Manly Salute to you Sir and God Bless your fortitude.

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