Sasquatch vs. Abominable Snowman

It is a clash of the mythical titans of folklore. A proverbial battle royal of Ali vs. Frasier proportions. Today we are going to decide once and for all who would win in a fight: Sasquatch vs. Abominable Snowman. There are only a few things we do know about these guys. One, Sasquatch gets pranked really easily. Two, the Abominable Snowman can help save Christmas.


The snowman has a few things going for it. It appears to be larger than Sasquatch and it can tolerate a more extreme climate. The Sasquatch has a history of being tamed; a la Harry and the Hendersons anybody? The interesting thing about Sasquatch is that he is basically a larger version of a man. Similar to a silverback gorilla for instance. The snowman how ever seems to be more beast than man. The only way Sasquatch wins this one is if Sasquatch can use tools. I am assuming he has the cognitive ability too.

I am just thinking of who thee Arnold Schwarzenegger would have more trouble killing and I have to believe it’s the snowman. For God’s sake it took a miracle move by Luke Sykwalker to kill one and the force is extremely strong with him. Big Foot on the other hand I think would be unimpressive. Do you remember the Big Foot Pizza from Pizza Hut? What was it? Disappointing exactly. I think Arnold drops Sasquatch with one shot out of an M203. The only thing I wonder is if these two beasts are cousins of some sort. Maybe they are the same. Like an Asian and African elephant if you will, you can tell the difference by the ear size and yes, that is factual. One thing is for sure if any of these guys step foot in a lake, the Loch Ness Monster would destroy them… period. So I am going with the Abominable Snowman AKA “The Yeti” on this one. By assumed size advantage I think he over powers Sasquatch AKA “Big Foot”. Cast your vote in this mythical wilderness showdown:

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