Best Kind of French Fries? You decide.

Fries may be the best way to crush a potato. With the legend of freedom fries rooted in the American history and diet, what is the most manly cut? Today we discuss The Best Kind of French Fries. We make our case. Agree or disagree?We have narrowed our selection of fries to a few major groups: Curly, Waffle, Steak, Wedge and Traditional. Each has their own merits, but truly it has to be between curly and waffle. Why not the other groups?

I know there are a lot of steak fry fans out there but the steak fry is over-rated, usually because they come with, or at least subconsciously remind us of, one of the greatest of entrees. That is flat out cheating – the vision you just had of that juicy steak won’t make up for this sappy group’s poor attributes. Wedges, while easily thrown across the room, are just plain boring. Traditional? Only if they are McDonald’s. If not, you may as well just be a cow, settling and grazing on whatever ubiquitous pastures of this group you stumble across.

Now for our finalists. Curly has a crunch and is dip-worthy – honey mustard btw, not ketchup. And they are fun, reminding us of Curly from the Three Stooges. But the waffle is the best. It is the Yoda of fries, literally. Waffles can do everything. They can be dipped, they are crunchy, they are great with a sandwich, and they are the only fry that has built-in holes to prevent choking when you stuff too many in your mouth during that late night, post-drinking, munchie attack. The waffle fry is perfect for any occasion. Imagine a wedding… You have the open bar, a barrage of 80s songs, some hot brides maids, and you are starving. Think if they kicked that over-cooked chicken cordon bleu up a notch by bringing it out piled with waffle fries. Done! Instantly, the best wedding you have ever been to – especially if the fries are accompanied with a plethora of dipping sauces.

There it is. Waffle fries are the manliest of fries.

Do you agree or disagree? Your vote or opinion in the comment section, sir!

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