BarRoom Debates: Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart – Vote Now!

The contest of dominance for fake satirical / fake news anchor is not one to take lightly. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are masters of  humor. We are going to answer once for all who is more manly: Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart? I am going to start this argument with first saying that I thoroughly enjoy both programs. They are the politically satirical geniuses of our generation. They take the seemly mundane and frustrating quagmire of politics and make them… well, interesting. Colbert brings an eagle-like eye to bring humor out of every situation as he sinks his verbal talons into each daily political issue. Jon Stewart brings a more open sarcasm that he delivers unrelentingly at every political party. No one is safe from these guys, and that’s what makes them so likable. So before we make a decision, we are going to put it to the DOM Nation to tell us your opinion. Who is more manly: Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart? Vote below.

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