BarRoom Debates: Better AC/DC Frontman – Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

So I was thinking about this on the way to work… I was rocking a little AC/DC for my mid week jam session and it just hit me. Who is a better AC/DC front man,  Bon Scott or Brian Johnson? It is a legit tough question. To say they both have a laundry list of hit songs would be an understatement. But truly if you were going to start an AC/DC cover band who would you want doing the leads?

Bon Scott brings the “crazy” element. He is probably going to be a bottle of Jack Daniels deep and will just put on one hell of a show. Brian Johnson stomps around with his cabby hat on while belting out those raspy lyrics of audible bliss. For me, I think I have to go Johnson. I have the utmost appreciation of Bon Scott but would AC/DC be the mega band without the Back in Black album? I just don’t think they would. Imagine there is no “Thunderstruck?” Jesus, the NHL would lose about ¾ of their playlist for games. Seeing Bon Scott’s escapades on stage are one up’d by the sheer continuous, blue collar, hard work that Brian Johnson brings to the stage. You can tell Brian Johnson puts forth an all out effort to connect with the audience each time he is on stage, and I can say with firsthand experience that he does make a great connection with the audience. So for us, we have decided that Brian Johnson is the better front man of AC/DC. Tell us what YOU think below.

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