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Top 5 Most Unmanly Cars

A man’s car is an extension of himself. Has anyone else noticed the increasingly more effeminate vehicles being made by today’s manufacturers in the name of “Going Green”? I am not making a statement about global warming or saving the planet, but for God’s sake could the cars at least look remotely manly for a guy to drive if we are going to save the world one mile at a time?! Read more »

The Bathroom: The Last Stand of Manliness

The most battle-ridden room in every man’s castle is the bathroom. It is meant for conflict, a full out battle every time you take a seat on the think tank. When a lady moves in with you, the subtle yet diabolical takeover of your life slowly begins. Hence, men must stop women from taking over their bathroom.  Read more »

Chick Flicks Ruin the World: Hunger Games

In this installment of Chick Flicks Ruin the World, we are diving into a world of thievery. I was obligated to watch the Hunger Games over the weekend, and I have never seen the straight theft of a plot more obvious than this in a long time. Read more »

Men Don’t Split Entrees

In general, the success of many relationships hinges on the ability to compromise. You sometimes need to give in a little bit for the betterment of the relationship. This rule does not apply to food… Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Survival Kit

We are on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. It is a day that is the true testament to a beer drinker’s mettle. How do you survive such an all day extravaganza? Today we are going to give you a St. Patrick’s Day survival kit to make it through any all day drinking event.

Read more »

Manly Skills: How to Shake Hands

There may not be a bigger element to a first impression in the business world than the handshake. Over the years, I am sure you have heard countless people discuss the “perfect” handshake. But really, what is the perfect handshake? Read more »

Manly Skills: Calling Women

It’s time to pull a page out of the old school ladies man’s playbook. This week in Manly Skills we’re talking Calling Women. In a prior article, I gave you an idea on how to text a girl. So you have had some early success, but now you’ve hit that lull where you’re running out of stuff to say, or more than likely, she is a little less responsive. It’s time to throw the modern day proverbial curve ball. Read more »

Manly Skills: The Work Flirt

The work flirt is the cheaper version of a therapist with the added benefit that you don’t have to talk about your “feelings” all the time, let alone saving $80 an hour. The work flirt is one of the most integral parts in a man’s sanity in the workplace, but developing this innocuous, plutonic relationship can be tough. Read more »

Chick Flicks Ruin the World: Sex and the City

Sex and the City might irritate me more than any other chick flick I have ever watched. I had to dig deep for the power to motor through the back history to this tale. The basic fundamental premise of the film is there are four, 40-something women who live in NY and have the most dysfunctional lives I have ever witnessed. Read more »

Manly Skills: How to Text a Girl

Texting is the new form of correspondence between the sexes. No longer are you sending a letter through the pony express and waiting 3 weeks in hopes that she actually writes something more than “lol”. Though text messaging provides convenience and a non intimidating way to reach out, it WILL make or break you. Here is a man’s guide to texting a girl.  Read more »

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