BarRoom Debate: Angus Young vs. Slash

Delivering an insurmountable power, memorable sounds, and legendary personalities, the lead guitarist of a band can be the most important element of a great band. Two guitar players that have risen above the monotony of mediocrity and less memorable guitar playing, to the realm of greatness, are Angus Young and Slash. Back in Black and Appetite for Destruction are a must on every man’s playlist. But who is better? They couldn’t be further apart in stage presence, style, and soloing. Angus is the proverbial lightning in the bottle (Thunderstruck) and Slash is the melodic Les Paul jam machine.

This is a tough decision because honestly I am a HUGE fan of both bands. Now, as a guitar player, I can sit here and distribute claims about the repetitive nature of both player’s styles in their solos. What truly I think sets Angus apart is the stage presence. Think about it. Is there a better lead guitarist when it comes to energy? Nope, there isn’t. I am not saying that Slash brings nothing to a show. It is just that Angus’ entire career and notoriety is built on his showmanship. When you see him play, it looks like a kid running around his room and just jamming. With Slash, I love the creativity that he puts into his intros and approach to the guitar, but he just cannot compete with Angus as a total package. Let your voice be HEARD! Do you agree? Is Angus a better guitar player as a total package? In this lifelong guitar player’s opinion… YES.

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